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InterAct provides actors with the opportunity to submit work to leading talent professionals and receive video or audio feedback directly from those industry experts. Created by Actors Connection, the largest educational and networking facility in New York City, actors are able to choose the casting director, agent, personal manager or other industry professional that they want to connect with, submit their work and receive feedback directly from the selected expert. The entire process is personal and unique to you.

The entertainment industry is changing. From Skype interviews to taped auditions, there’s a shift in the way casting decisions are being made. InterAct gives actors everywhere the opportunity to share demo reels, monologues, songs or scenes to leaders in the entertainment industry.

“With InterAct, we’re providing actors a platform that enables them to directly connect with key industry contacts. Actors located anywhere in the world at anytime will now have access to some of the most influential people in the business,” said Tony Nation, Partner, Actors Connection.

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